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Sentry Console Systems have been incorporated into a number
of environments, including:
  • Broadcast center
  • Prison security room
  • University computer lab
  • Classrooms
  • Console systems are custom designed by the Great Lakes team.

Most configurations consists of the following elements:

  • Sheet metal bases and supports - powder coated and available in a number of colors
  • Laminate work surfaces - available in multiple colors
    and textures
  • Options for rack mounted equipment such as power and
    cooling accessories
  • Ergotech Flat Screen Monitor mounts
  • Metal privacy panels
Each configuration is custom, so the elements included in each design may vary.
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Samples of Sentry Console Systems are listed. Each is a custom design consisting of multiple elements.
For more information on Sentry Console Systems, please call 1.866.TRY.GLCC or contact a
Great Lakes Sales Representative.
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Two workstations with a shared peninsula and multiple monitor arms
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Four workstations comprising a large "L" shape and a fifth station on its own; Each station has it's own rack mount storage. Four stations have multiple monitor arms
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A broadcast control center with 19" EIA rack mount bases
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A corner workstation with a four
monitor array


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