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Side-to-Side cooled equipment is often found in today's modern data center. This design type poses unique cooling challenges, especially in server cabinets. Most server cabinets are designed around front-to-back airflow in which cool air is taken from the front of the cabinet and the hot exhaust is ejected through the back of the enclosure. Side-to-side airflow requires a cool air intake from right to left. The difference in cooling methodology can be balanced by using the

Great Lakes Side Airflow Plenum Kit (SAFPL) which allows you to mount your servers and side-to-side airflow equipment with ease. Great Lakes' Side Airflow Plenum Kit (SAFPL) utilizes brush grommet as air-dams along the front left & right rails. One vertical dam installs along the right rear to prevent recirculation of any hot air. Two verticals are installed on the top & bottom of the right side of the equipment, creating an intake channel on the right side to draw air directly from the cold aisle. The left vertical dam seals the left side of the cabinet, directing exhaust air toward the hot aisle, protecting against recirculation.
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Side Airflow Plenum Kit
Part No. Description
SAFPL Side Airflow Plenum Kit; kit includes 2 full-length air damns with brackets; 2 sectional vertical air-dams with brackets, 3 horizontal air damns (for air channels), and assembly hardware
SAFPLM To be used with SAFPL for one additional Cisco switch
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