ES Server Enclosure
  • Designed to accomodate servers and conditions associated with them: high denisty cable management, power options, and cooling capabilties
  • Data Center applications include: hot aisle/cold aisle configuration, ducted exhaust, slab foor, and containment
  • 24 RMU - 48 RMU


E Series Enclosures
  • Designed for telecommunications and networking equipment
  • 800mm wide enclosures are ideal for networking
  • 600mm wide enclosures ideal for server applications
  • 13 RMU - 48 RMU
Enhanced Networking Enclosures
  • Designed for high density cable management applications and side-to-side airflow equipment, including Cisco switches
  • Optional baffle kits to direct cool air into side-to-side airflow equipment
  • 42 RMU - 47 RMU
Co-Lo Enclosures
  • 2 or 3 compartment co-lo enclosures
  • Each compartment with independent cable management raceways and front and rear doors
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IP 52 Enclosure
  • Provides a degree of protection against dust, falling dirt, wanter, and non-corrosive liquids
  • 2134mmH x 610mmW x 1000mmD, 45 RMU,
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IP 54 Enclosure
  • Double-walled outdoor solar shield enclosure
  • 1470mmH x 754mmW x 600mmD, 31 RMU,
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PS Enclosures
  • Basic enclosures when few accessories are needed
  • Sizes from 18 RMU to 47 RMU
  • Ranging from 910mm to 2270mm high, 600mm to 750mm wide, and 600mm to 1000mm deep
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