The CLWCE is a 38 rack mount unit, 19" EIA enclosure with an integrated closed loop cooling system. The
CLWCE cooling system uses low pressure chilled water to remove the heat generated by the servers.


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1. Chilled water passes through a coolant distribution unit (CDU) and enters the heat exchanger.
2. Conditioned air at consistent pressure is directed through a plenum chamber.
3. Conditioned air passes through rack mounted equipment.
4. Quiet (65 dB) high efficiency variable speed exhaust fans remove hot air.
5. Hot air passes across the heat exchanger.
6. Water then leaves the heat exchanger coil to begin a return trip to the chiller.

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Great Lakes offers a fully-configured enclosure (CLWCE) or a kit to convert any 42" or deeper ES Series enclosure fron an air cooled unit to a water-based, liquid cooled unit.

The CLWC kit includes:

  • An 8 RMU heat exchanger, developed in conjuction with Lytron Inc., and American company with over 50 years of experience in developing liquid cooling systems.
  • A custom control unit to manage and monitor the system
  • 2 doors, fans in the rear doow and a plenum in the front door

Maximizing "up time" and fault tolerance has been considered in all aspects of this liquid cooling solution:

  • The cabinet contains N+1 fans.
  • A fan can be replaced while the system is running.
  • If the temperature in the cabinet exceeds a user-defined threshold, the doors will automatically open, the fans will shut down, an alarm will be sent, and the system will use room air to cool until the problem is resolved.
  • Using a Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) with redunant pumps will ensure the coolant is delivered at a consistent temperature and consistent flow rate.
  • The CDU is typically set to a temperature above the dew point so the risk of condensation is eliminated.
  • A liquid manifold is avaialble.
  • The enclosure (and Lytron's CDU) can accommodate redundant power sources and have leak detections systems.
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