E Series Enclosure - GL31E-6080

Dimensions: 1524mmH x 600mmW x 800mmD
Maximum rail placement and usable inside depth: 950mm
Rack Spaces: 31 RMU, 19" EIA 310-E Compliant
Weight Capacity: 300 kg.
Stock Color: Black RAL 9005 or Light Grey RAL 7035
Shipping Weight: 110 kg.
Shown with optional accessories

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Tech Drawing
Part No. Description
3101E-6080 Frame with two pairs of black powder coated, universal 19" M6 mounting rails (with RMU markings) and package of M6 hardware
7209-N One set of 4 Adjustable Levelers (64mmH)
TPE-60P Removable vented top panel with two 102mm horseshoe knock-outs
3102E-60 Plexiglas door with locking swing handle
3104E-60 Perimeter vented steel rear door with locking swing handle
3110-80ELS Pair of solid lift-off side panels with lock
For enclosure with tempered glass front door, specify at time of ordering.
GL31E-6080F Complete enclosure with TPE-60F (top panel with three 128 m³/h fans)
GL31E-6080F10 Complete enclosure with TPE-60F10 (top panel with one 254mm, 935 m³/h fan)


Doors and Side Panels
3103E-60 Solid Door
3102E-M60 Mesh Steel Door
3111-100ELL Pair of Locking Lift-off Side Panels
Removable Top and Bottom Panels
TPE-60F-I Top panel with fan guards and three 128, m³/h fans; features two horseshoe knockouts
TPE-60F10-I Top panel with fan guard and one 254mm, 935 m³/h fan; features two horseshoe knockouts
BP-EF Bottom panel, (filtered)
BP-ES Bottom panel, (solid)
Cable Management
Vertical Lacing Bar Kit (includes 1 vertical bar, 2 horizontal bars and 6 cinch straps)
Vertical Lacing Bar
HLB-80 Horizontal Lacing Bar
Cable Management Rail Kit for front or rear rails; includes 12 sections of "fingers" (eas section 7 RMU); rails will need to be recessed 115mm
19" Rack Mount Cable Management
CM-15 Double-sided Cable Organizer with plastic "fingers" and covers, 2 RMU
CM-16 Single-sided Cable Organizer with plastic "fingers: and covers, 1 RMU
Stationary Shelves for 19" Mounting
7206-FR-AHD Stationary Shelf (front/rear mount adjustable), 445mmW x 565mmD,
91 kg. weight capacity, 1 RMU
7206-FR-ADHD Stationary Shelf (front/rear mount adjustable), 445mmW x 692mmD,
68 kg. weight capacity, 1 RMU
7206-FR-A80HD Stationary Shelf (front/rear mount adjustable), 445mmH x 800mmD,
136 kg. weight capacity, 1 RMU
Sliding and Speciality Shelves for 19" Mounting
7206-FRSL-AHD Sliding Shelf (front/rear mount adjustable), 445mmW x 559mmD,
50 kg. weight capacity, 2 RMU
7206-FRSL-ADHD Sliding Shelf (front/rear mount adjustable), 445mmW x 660mmD,
50 kg. weight capacity, 2 RMU
7206-FRSLA300 Sliding Shelf (front/rear mount adjustable), 364mmW x 762mmD,
136 kg. weight capacity, 2 RMU
7206-MKM Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse Shelf
7206-PKB-MT Pivoting Keyboard Shelf with Mouse Tray
Copper Bus Bars and Cooling Equipment
7217FT-3-I Fan Tray (front/rear mount adjustable) with Fan Guards and three 128 m³/h fans
CBB-31 Copper Bus Bar (Isolated)
Mounting Rails, Casters, and Other Accessories
3105-ES2P Pair of EIA mounting rails to accept M6 cage nuts; includes hardware
HDW-105-50 Package of 50 M6 cage nuts with screws
G101 Networking/Ganging Kit
AK101 Seismic Anchor Kit (includes 4 torque-controlled expansion anchors)
AT2 Anti-tip legs; Watch it on YouTube!
7208-E One set of 4 Casters, 2 locking and 2 non-locking
7208-EHD One set of 4 Heavy Duty Casters, all locking
7209-N4 One set of 4 adjustable levelers, 102mmH
(required when casters and levelers are used together)
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