At Great Lakes Case & Cabinet Co., Inc. we have an outstanding engineering and production team with generations of experience in industrial design and manufacturing. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Northwestern Pennsylvania which we continually update to meet the demands of the metal fabrication industry. Over the past three years alone we have invested more than $10 million in system upgrades to our lasers, robotics and material handling systems.

In addition to its extensive manufacturing resources for the design, engineering and production of racks, enclosures, technical furniture systems, command console systems and other industrial products, Great Lakes Case & Cabinet Co., Inc. offers a variety of Rapid Prototyping Services.

Many times a company has a viable product concept but requires a physical manifestation of that concept in order to validate the technology or determine a marketing strategy, in advance of commercial production.

The significant investment made by Great Lakes Manufacturing Inc. provides access to some of the most sophisticated laser cutting, metal punching, panel bending, custom welding and powder coating resources in the United States.

Great Lakes is also home to some of the most experienced metal fabrication and design engineers, material and process technologists and skilled craftsmen who know and understand the limits of raw materials, hardware and various accessories, from metal, wood and laminates, to power supplies and ventilation systems. Great Lakes employs a highly sophisticated manufacturing resources planning (MRP) software system to ensure that rapid prototyping projects are completed in a timely manner without affecting any regular production orders or deadlines.

If you can dream it in metal, we can build it for you. To find out more, please call us at 1.866.TRY.GLCC.

While we’ve always been known as the company which can design, engineer and manufacture customized product quickly, many customers are now requesting that custom designed products be available immediately.

Sometimes, for a number of reasons, our standard lead time of six weeks is just not fast enough. Great Lakes Case & Cabinet Co., Inc. has now positioned itself at the forefront of the enclosure and metal fabrication industry by creating the ability to satisfy these unique needs of our customers.

We’ve introduced the “Fast Track” Design and Production Service, offering the complete design, engineering and manufacturing resources of our Rapid Prototyping Service, a division of our sister company Great Lakes Manufacturing Inc. Without affecting our normal production orders, “Fast Track“ can provide complete, turn-key service, “art-to-part“ in just ten working days!

We’ll ask you some specific questions to be sure we understand your needs. Our engineering team will then design to your exact specifications, our production team will manufacture it, our freight management team will ensure that it is assembled, packaged and shipped within ten working days following your approval of drawings. We’ll provide you with a shipping date and you can rest assured your product will be delivered on-time. It’s just that easy.

For more information on Great Lakes “Fast Track” Design and Production Service, please call 1.866.TRY.GLCC.
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