Freight Handling Options
1. Great Lakes Prepay and Add:
(Carrier specified by Great Lakes) Great Lakes pays freight charges to the carrier and adds freight charge costs to the product invoice. Great Lakes offers this service without an additional handling charge; provided the customer agrees to the following conditions:

  1. Carrier is specified by Great Lakes. Great Lakes has contractual agreements with selected carriers to minimize shipping costs.
  2. Customer agrees to pay Great Lakes all freight charges appearing on product invoices without requiring additional freight cost documentation.
  3. Customer agrees to pay Great Lakes for freight costs associated with an order shipment, but not contained in the initial product invoice. (Great Lakes will provide a separate invoice for this cost.) Example: is an additional cost from the carrier for inside delivery service required by the end user and not specified on the purchase order.
  4. Agreement to these conditions is implied when customer specifies prepaid freight when placing an order with Great Lakes.
  5. Great Lakes Case and Cabinet Co., Inc. reserves the right to withdraw the prepaid option at any time.

2. Third Party Billing:
(Carrier specified by Customer) Freight is billed to a party other than Great Lakes or the Customer. A third party account number or third party billing address is supplied by the Customer.

3. Freight Collect:
(Carrier specified by Customer) A freight account number is supplied or freight charges are paid by check at the destination site upon delivery.

1. Prepay and Add Freight:
(Carrier chosen by Great Lakes)

  1. Great Lakes is responsible for adding freight charges to product invoice and freight claims.
  2. Great Lakes has the option to supply replacement parts, if needed.
  3. Great Lakes has the option to have damaged product returned to Great Lakes.

2. Third Party Billing:
(Carrier chosen by Customer)

  1. Third party customer is responsible for all freight charges and for filing all freight claims with the
  2. freight carrier.
  3. All replacement parts must be ordered with a new purchase order.

3. Freight Collect:
(Carrier chosen by Customer)

  1. Collect customer is responsible for all freight charges.
  2. All replacement parts must be ordered with a new purchase order.

Shipping Policy
If requested, Great Lakes will provide freight estimates. Great Lakes will not be liable for the accuracy of these estimates. Great Lakes does not guarantee transit times, either verbal or inferred. These are estimates and should be treated as such. Great Lakes reserves the right to discontinue its freight estimate program at any time. All weights shown are approximate and obtained from standard packaging procedures. Skid weight is not included. Product specification, price and availability are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact us at our Edinboro office to verify orders.

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